Barefoot Bowls

Barefoot Bowls 2021 – 2022

Ladder after Round 2

Barefoot Bowls Roster

2021-2022 Contact List.

Barefoot Bowls begins on Thursday 7 October 2021. Please find above a links to the roster and the contact sheet for each team.  If you are short of players, a list of fill in players has been added to the contact list. If you need to forfeit can you please contact the opposing team promptly and also cc myself into the email or call or text me on 0407 093 034 so that we know what is happening.

You will also see that the roster shows when you have a bye and when you are expected to do the BBQ.  You will only need two members of your team to BBQ.  If you have a general enquiry you can contact me.

The first few weeks we will play until sundown and then eat in the clubhouse as it won’t stay light for too long.  If everyone can be ready to play at 6.30 then we can try and get in as many ends as possible.

We have a few new rules of play (and some old ones), some of which will save a bit of time (i.e. no bowling of the kitty and no dead ends).

  • Play to begin no later than 6.30 p.m. regardless of numbers.  Your late player can join when they arrive.
  • 2 bowls per player regardless of numbers in the team (maximum 4 players).
  • Two players can play an end each if you have 5 players who all want to play, therefore 2 players equals one person.
  • Pennant players to play as Lead, Second or Third in that order.
  • No rolling of the jack.  Winning Skip from previous end to decide the length.  (2 jacks per rink required).
  • No dead ends.  If jack goes out of bounds, the jack to be spotted on the “T”.
  • No eating, drinking or smoking (including e-cigarettes) on the green.
  • Footwear – flat soled shoes (no heel), thongs or barefoot.

Thanks everyone and we look forward to another successful year of bowls, laughs and good fun!


Maria Knight